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There has been plenty of boat work going on these days, just not directly on our boat. Yesterday I took a walk over to Prickly Bay to give our friend Ken a hand on his boat Painkiller. His in-mast furler required some servicing, but in order to access the mechanism, the mainsail and boom first needed to be removed. Unfortunately, due to an unrelated issue with the track, getting the sail down required a couple of trips up the mast. I was on hand to simply tend the halyard when he went aloft, and of course to snap a few pics. 🙂


The sail was stuck at this spot.


Looking good, Ken! Mast steps make going aloft a lot easier.

This morning we volunteered to help our friends Chris and Chrystal move a boat over to Clark’s Court Bay Boatyard so that they could haul it out. They had an 8:00 AM haul-out scheduled so we cast off from their dock at Secret Harbor bright and early. We were blessed with beautiful weather, and thus the trip over, and the haul-out went without a hitch.


We were leaving Frost this morning just as the sun was coming up.


A lack of wind made the trip to Clarks Court Bay nice and calm. It’s not always that way!


Captain Chris keeping a close eye on the haul-out action.


I think that the guys at Clarks Court Boatyard do a great job.


Zing is one of several boats that our friends use in their sailing school, LTD Sailing.

While in the boatyard, we also paid the boat formally known as ZTC a visit. She whispered to us that she’s really looking forward to having Steve and Darla arrive next month so that she can get back in the water!


Soon to be back in the water where she belongs.



  1. Good for Ken. I woulda shat myself.

  2. Darla and Steve are lucky to have made the Rebecca and Mike connection. Having followed your adventures from the start I will state CATegorically that they are getting a great home.

  3. Landing in Grenada Oct 6th. Splash October 13th!

  4. Hey Mike, I’m wondering if you can comment on Ken’s like/dislike of his in-mast furling? It looks like a great thing and I have heard mostly positive comments from other owners but all of them have been weekend sailors.

  5. Hi JD,
    So far my in mast furling has been everything I expected. Mine is an old state of the art Hood system and I knew it would need complete servicing at some point. I waited a little too long as these are my present “mast issues” Mike mentioned. I’ve heard nothing but great from more modern systems as the ease of reefing to any sail size is so simplified. Granted the sail shape is compromised somewhat in that it has to roll straight into the mast and there are a few no-no’s you have to learn to avoid jamming. I’ll transform my old rig back to full confidence with due time. I’m just idiot enough to do it while anchored out.

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