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I lied. Yes, this is another mosquito rant. Last night I think we lost the battle. We were swarmed and although Rebecca kept her cool I just about lost it. At one point we actually had to go outside and sit in the cockpit to get away from the bugs. Yes, that’s right… there were no mosquitos outside. They were all inside our cabin!

I think I may have found their point of entry though. One of the coolest features on a PDQ 32 is the full-width sliding hatch over the salon area. I remember David telling me that the hatch was not air tight to allow for ventilation (required for the propane-fired hot water heater). During the day it is easy to see the light shining through the spaces. This morning before we left for work we stuffed some towels into that space to seal the opening. This will be a little experiment to see if there are less than 5 million or so vampires in the cabin tonight. Fingers and toes are crossed!

This morning’s boat projects:

  • Installed Fulton lock on Dinghy outboard.
  • Added new dock line to the boat. Now it is secured by 6 separate lines.
  • Fixed cotter pins on shroud turnbuckles and taped over them to prevent nasty cuts on legs and/or sails. There are a couple of spots that still need to be fixed but I will need to make another trip to the chandlery to get some new stainless-steel cotter pins.