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Christian, our first guest on board since we departed Canada, left the BVIs yesterday, bound for Puerto Rico. We deposited him at the dinghy dock in Trellis Bay, near the Beef Island airport. Although with our shallow draft we can almost always find a place to anchor, Trellis Bay was just too crowded and full of moorings for even us to be able to deal with. So after saying our good byes in the pouring rain, we cast off from the mooring we had temporarily secured and motored around the corner to Lee Bay, a scenic and protected little place that we had all to ourselves.

We enjoyed the quiet night alone by reading and watching a movie. Fittingly, we chose the film Evan Almighty where God commands a congressman to build and ark for an upcoming flood. I say fittingly because it has rained almost non-stop since our friend arrived here, causing flooding on many of the islands. We’re crossing our fingers for some more stable weather in the next day or so and if we’re really lucky, some favorable winds for our trip across the Anegada Passage.

ZTC at Cane Garden Bay, taken with Christian’s cool fish-eye lens.

A screen capture from the Soggy Dollar webcam. Can you find us?

Anchorage: Lee Bay, BVI
Internet on boat with Alfa: No
Internet on boat without Alfa: No
Internet on shore: No where to go on shore.


  1. Favorite place on Earth. Seddy’s place down the beach has excellent food. That black shirt has to be hot!

  2. The Ark fits in two ways. Not sure if you guys have caught any of the hoopla on the news, but apparently the world was supposed to end today…so, that Ark might have come in handy then too.

  3. Mike
    Im not so sure you have to wait for good sailing conditions to St Matin as its a beat all the way there. May as well fill up with gas and motor there. That’s what most people do as well as us who have done it a dozen times. Looks like your having fun. Enjoy!

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