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As I look outside One Love, Cane Garden Bay, our current anchorage, could be aptly described as a mill pond. There is barely a ripple on the water’s surface. Is that typical for this anchorage? Definitely not, at least not at this time of year. When the wind moves at all north of east, or there is a north swell running, Cane Garden Bay can become quite rolly, and that’s how we remember it from our last two visits here.

Today, however, and we’ve heard that it’s been the same for the past couple of weeks, the bay is beautiful. The water is calm and clear, and the long sandy beach lined with palm trees and colorful umbrellas beckon us ashore. Yes, at least for another couple more days, if the weather holds we’ll call this home.


  1. Cane Garden is a great place to hang out. We’ve always had a great time there. Myetts is nice, the glass blowing joint down the road is really cool. But what I’ve always found interesting at Cane is the water color. It’s just so different then nearly anywhere else in the BVI. Enjoy your off time!

  2. Thanks Mike,,,,, it’s -10 ten wind chill in OKC . VERY JEALOUS!!!

  3. Hi Mike,
    Excellent shots, looks perfect location to relax and soak up the evironment.
    Where was you best source of information, when you first arrived in the Carribean, to locate all these great anchorages and sites to visit? Internet, blogs, cruising guides, or other cruises?

  4. I love CGB. I can imagine it would be a great place to be at anchor or mooring ball in conditions you describe, and there’s so many great places to hang out there.


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