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With all of the work on our windlass installation and our recent head modifications, we’ve been spending a lot of time in our starboard anchor well these days. For those who have never been onboard a PDQ, this is a huge locker. In fact, I would hazard a guess that it as large as some smaller boat’s single berths, not that I would want to sleep in it (it’s a bit coffin like). In addition to holding our primary anchor rode, the area holds our now non-functioning holding tank (composting toilets don’t need such a thing) and all of the below-the-waterline thru-hulls.

This brings me to one thing that I didn’t like about this area. There is so much space in there that it is perfect for storing fenders, buckets, etc. but while underway, I have always had a fear that some of these objects might move and fall, damaging one of the thru-hulls. For those non-boaters out there, this could mean flooding! Not a good thing.

After several ideas for solutions came and went, we struck upon the plan to use a custom-made cargo net to contain the misc. items. Since Rebecca is good with this type of rope-work, she adopted the project as her own. We fastened some small stainless padeyes around the perimeter of the locker and the netting that Rebecca made attaches to them with little snaphooks. Now we have no more worries of fenders falling and breaking off thru-hulls but if we need to access them, the net can easily be unclipped to allow it.

We started the project while at anchor on Saturday but ran out of cord.

Putting the finishing touches on the net yesterday morning.

Crouching in the locker, making the final installation.