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There is a lot be said for activities like cleaning or painting which net an almost immediate result. Being able to see tangible feedback from your efforts is motivating. The inability to see physical results can be frustrating, at least for me. We have been very busy the last week but with only a few small exceptions, the boat still looks as it did when we arrived here. Yes, we have set a lot of balls in motion but no projects have been completed. Until today that is. Behold our new Doyle cradle cover which arrived yesterday from Barbados. There will be no more mistaking us for a Moorings boat.

As it looked when we picked it up at 4:00 PM yesterday.

Say goodbye to Moorings blue.

We first had to figure out how the old cover was attached.

Up goes the main.

No boat job is possible without at least a little bit of customization.

A ladder would be helpful.

This threatening squall was hurrying us along.

All done, and just before the rain hit.


  1. Looks really good Mike and Rebecca. You’re definitely going to stand out now…Nothing like a little advertising while you’re having fun!

  2. Maybe when pinstriped in the new colors, it will grow on me?

  3. Mike, you look like a munchkin by that mast.
    That is one huge mass of sailcloth!
    Great job!
    Is the old one Craigslist / Kijiji worthy?

  4. Is that a coiled halyard clashing RED with the yellow? Tsk, tsk. You probably have designer lines ordered too, right? 😉

  5. Very nice, same color as the boat I run. I’m going to show this to my boss as we need a new sail bag and we have banners hanging on both sides. That looks a lot cleaner.

  6. Looks fabulous!

  7. Tell me about it, I am in the middle of a full kitchen rip out and put everything new project… the old one was over 15 years old…

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