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When it comes to coincidences, I think yesterday’s ranks up there pretty highly. My last post, written first thing yesterday morning, dealt with the latest little bit of kit to go bad on our boat, our propane solenoid. As I mentioned at the end of that post, propane is one of the most potentially dangerous things on our boat and we certainly wouldn’t want to have a fire or explosion on board because of it. Imagine my surprise when, less than an hour after I wrote that, we heard over the radio net that a large sailing yacht anchored a mere 10-15 minutes away from us burned down to its bare hull. A fire on board is the most dangerous thing that can occur on a ship, especially one that gets out of control as happened in this case. Very few of the details to this incredible tragedy have been made public, except that no one was injured in the blaze. Truly very sad.

The photos below are courtesy of Mark on s/v Sea Life. For those who are interested, there are a number of other pics available on his site.