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It’s been far too long since we’ve had the opportunity to get muddy and sweaty with our Grenadian hashing buddies. Yesterday we were able to get our fix though and I have to say, it’s almost as if we had never been away. With our hash-virgin buddies from Banyan in tow, we boarded Shademan’s bus for the 45 minute trip to Champfleur.

The runners’ trail had been set by our our friend Phillip (Grandad) so we knew that it would be a good one. We were not disappointed. The 4 mile trek was both challenging and scenic. While the run/walk is in theory the main part of the event, many people would argue that it’s the party that follows which is the most important piece. We enjoyed both and especially enjoyed watching David and Alexandra receive their certificates for losing their virginity. Fun stuff as always!

The walk up the hill just to get to the start of the hash was serious enough!

Although is looks cloudy in this pic, we had excellent weather.

Everyone is clean before the start of the event.

The pre-hash briefing.

One of the few flat sections of the trail.

“You want me to stand up there? Why?”

Receiving their blessing!

Lest you think that Rebecca and I escaped unscathed, the following photos taken by our friend Johanna prove otherwise!


  1. Two weeks ago I ran a Spartan Race and always wondered how these compare to your Hash runs and hikes. The race was set up on a ski hill, so the first mile or so was straight up! The next three miles were up and down the mountain with what seemed like more ups than downs…not sure how they did that. There were also about 25 obstacles thrown in for good measure! Some walls and ropes to climb and barbed wire to crawl under. I think it’s something you guys would enjoy if you ever had the chance!!

    • I’m sure we would enjoy it.

      Never having done a race like you’re describing I would bet one very significant difference is that a hash is in no way a race. There is zero acknowledgement of who comes in first. If anything, the FRBs (front running bastards) are scorned (in a playful way).

  2. What a way to treat friends! 😉

    The real test now will be to see if they come again on a Hash.
    Or if they are still speaking to you. 🙂 🙂


  3. We enjoyed the single hash event that we took part in, while in Grenada two years ago – but admittedly – we only walked the “namby-pamby” route. The exercise, scenery and camaraderie all made for a memorable event. Having said that, I wonder if the hash groups in North America haze their new participants by spraying beer on them and forcing them to drink beer from a dirty running shoe? From my perspective, this hazing of new recruits is both old fashioned and unwelcome in today’s politically correct society. Perhaps the description of hashers as “drinkers with a running problem” isn’t that far off the mark …..

    • All hash groups are different in terms of the things they do. I think people would find that while some may be more tame than Grenada, many are considerably more risque.

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