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The almost-constant sunshine that we’ve grown so accustomed to was replaced yesterday with rain showers but that didn’t stop us from moving our boat south to the Pitons. Sadly, we had to bid farewell to our friends Pontus and Malee on Tua Tua as they were heading north, back to Rodney Bay where they plan to haul out their boat.

The rainbows always seem to end on Earthling!

At the moment we, along with George and his new crew Katherine, are preparing to depart shortly to climb Petit Piton, the mountain who’s shadow our boats are now resting under. This will be our second time up the big hill, the first I wrote about here. It’s a big climb… wish us luck!

The sun saying goodnight to us.


  1. Good luck conquering another mountain! Have fun. Beautiful rainbow!

  2. Woah they allowed you guys to climb Petit! I climb Gros in January, awesome!

  3. Yes, no one would stop you guys, however it’s just a dangerous climb. You guys are enjoying St.Lucia. I miss my home so much. I started reading your blog 2 weeks ago, I went back to the start of it all from day one of your story, still reading. I envy you guys!

    • Thanks Garnet. You are from St. Lucia? I didn’t mean to imply that no one would stop US but rather that there is no one to my knowledge policing the mountain. The hike is definitely dangerous in places and we would not bring just anyone along with us on a climb like that!

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