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It’s pretty hard to “stage” pics for a website when the area you are photographing is a construction zone. With a lot of shuffling though, we managed to hide the tools for a short period of time to snap these few pics. We know that when the work is done and all the new cosmetic stuff is on board, we’ll have to redo them. For the time being though, they’ll have to do.


  1. Looks great! Definitely good enough to give people an idea of what they are getting into.

  2. Wow! How will you ever go back to ZTC ???

  3. Are you gonna fold towel animals like Carnival?

  4. They look good!

    You have managed to avoid the dreadful distortion as seen on broker’s sites where they use short focal length lenses. It results in nice representative pictures, I think. Also, you have concentrated on the aspects that are probably of most interest to potential charterers. Sails, ropes and winches etc interest me, but most people will want to know about comfort, facilities, privacy, food and entertainment.

    Meanwhile, I hope the engineering works are proceeding apace. When do they expect to be finished?


  5. looks very comfy!

  6. Great pics! Makes me want to sign up asap. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Amazingly beautiful, and very comfy!
    So envious….good luck with your
    new adventures!

  8. Very nice, very professional. Less is certainly more for this purpose and think about half of them are keepers as is. Add a few on deck (not possible no, I’m sure) and a few out there and at anchor, and you’ll be golden. People like to see what they are buying. These tell them where they are sleeping, now show them where they will play!

    I’m often stunned when I see sales pictures for a 6-figure boat on Yacht World that look like a homeless person lives there.

  9. Dang it….someone stole my idea for a question. I was going to ask where the swan folded towels were, but someone already ask about the animal shaped towels.

    Oh well. Glad to see some picts. I can imagine the other places being crammed with stuff trying to avalanche through the doors.

  10. Wow! Fantastic folks! I love that picture of you and Rebecca…We now know what’s at the end of the rainbow!

  11. Mike,
    My partner tried to sign up for a the week of Thanksgiving but found out that it was booked. Do you have any recommendations for other cats to charter. He is bringing his wife and two kids (25 and 28). they liked the fact that you and Rebecca were active, provided healthy eating and exercises. Send me email of recommendations. Thanks. BTW, I’m a friend of Carl Grooms. I hope to visit with him and Deb soon in Key West.


    • I believe you’ve got that all sorted now, right? We met the people you booked with and saw their boat (from the outside). I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Sorry we couldn’t accommodate you. Very sorry!

  12. Great pics – looks clean & inviting!

    You’ve always taken great pics, professional looking in quality.

    So professional in fact I’d like to get your approval to use a couple of pics from the past that you took and I’d be willing to license them from you if that’s what you may require.
    One was the underwater shot of the cannon – the other I’ll have to search for but it was a sunrise behind a mountain peak.

    My interest was for book cover purposes versus marketing of the actual pic.

    • Would you please send me an email with the pics you want to use and describe exactly where you’ll be using them?

      My email is:

      zero to cruising ATT gmail DOTT com

      And thanks for asking!

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