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Most everyone on a boat knows how valuable cruisers’ diamonds (ice cubes) are. Many people go to great lengths and incur considerable expense to acquire them. If you’re going to do all that though, the trick is to make them last.

While a pretty nice cooler can be picked up rather inexpensively at Walmart in the US, the “marine” coolers sold around here are anything but cheap, and they seem kind of Mickey Mouse to me.

Since serving cold drinks is a high priority for a crewed charter boat, we have decided to step up and purchase what we think is the “King” of coolers and have it shipped to us. Of course, we’ll be able to fill it with all kinds of other goodies before it begins its journey south. From the pics we were sent though, we get the impression that Michael’s girlfriend Julie seems to think that she might just be able to stow away inside of it!


  1. After doing a lot of travelling with a cooler for work (remote places where I had to bring my food with me) I realized BIG coolers aren’t always the greatest. Lots of room for stuff to slosh around–food gets bruised, and in your case beer can get shaken up. Plus its really hard to keep a big cooler cold if its not full. In your case, you might want to think about sourcing some closed cell foam to keep on the boat to stuff in the cooler when its only half full or so–it’ll help those cruisers diamonds last a bit longer!

  2. If every cooler comes with one of those, I am in! 🙂

    I actually thought it was better to have a few small coolers than one really big cooler. We are considering a small Engel, maybe half that size.

  3. Clearly the Yeti is superior to any other. Tried to talk Kenny into one a few years back. He’ll regret it when he hits the seas again.

  4. What brand of cooler is that?

  5. Mike:

    The obvious question…
    Where are you going to put it & secure it?
    The list to fill it should be a fun task!

    (know you are waiting for somebody to ask, so figured to be the first! LOL)

  6. I bought a Yeti and keep all drinks in there in the cockpit…..This way I am not losing cold air in my ice box refrigeration as it is opened 50 times a day…..This has worked great!

  7. can you recommend some portable marine cooler? Smaller dimensions? Thanks

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