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…and down, a rope. That is how Rebecca and I spent our morning, climbing up and down ropes. With one of our goals being to familiarize ourselves with various rope climbing methods, we hooked up with an old school friend of mine who’s job as an Arborist has him doing just that on a day to day basis. Cary Gibson, of Gibson Tree Care, spent the morning introducing us to several methods of ascending a line/tree. The method shown in the pics below uses a CMI Foot Ascender for lift and our climbing harness, attached to the line with a Schwabish Prusik knot, to hold us in place. We caught on to the technique and timing fairly quickly and were on our way into the air. Fun stuff!

By the way, it started snowing just as we were finishing up!!!


  1. You know I was looking at the foot assender…. Are you going to have to keep a pair of work boots on the boat so you can use that thing ?

    • I think it will work fine with a pair of running shoes, and Rebecca will definitely make sure that we have those, no matter how much I try to convince her that they are too heavy for the boat. 🙂

      We’ll have plenty of time to play with it though to find out for sure.

      We will no doubt explore other methods too. Having options is good I think.

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