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It’s the morning after a Christmas party and I have a headache. Big surprise! One small benefit to the mild throbbing in my head is that I am inspired to put down a few words about medical stuff. We are fortunate in that we have a lot of very knowledgeable friends. One of these friends, a paramedic, has been kindly bringing us various supplies for us to add to our boat’s medical kit. When he offered to help with this, I printed off a copy of the Cruising Medical Kit webpage (edit: website no longer available) and gave it to him so that he has an idea of what at least one doctor recommends that we keep on hand.

For those of you who are interested in this subject I also bookmarked a couple of other websites during my research, Where There Is No Doctor and the Ship Captain’s Medical Guide. Both of those websites have their resources available for download in .pdf format.

Now, about that aspirin…


  1. If you’ll drink an Alka Seltzer just before you go to bed after a evening of drinking, you’ll not have a headache in the morning. You may want to put a box of those in the Med Kit. Also it helps not to drink sweet drinks like Rum and Coke. Fruity cocktails are not as bad as the ones with colas and such. Stick to martinis…. and be conscious that it’s a sipping drink. (Do I sound like a drunk or what?)

    We have all these items in a metal box hanging on the garage wall. When we pack up for a road trip that box gets put in the vehicle with the other bags.

    • Thanks for the tips. I’ve never heard of the alka-seltzer thing before. Too bad I didn’t know about it 12 hours ago!

      • If you enjoy the mixed drinks (like rum and coke) with cola’s as I do than a great trick is to mix it with half cola and half water. It takes the harshness of the liquor away, less bloating/acidity and hydrates you at the same time…or at least that is what I tell myself. And I DON’T argue with myself.

  2. a glass of orange juice works well too

  3. mmmm who made the post in my name? It wasn’t me.

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