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Although I have no intention of turning this site into a yacht-listing service, least of which a free one, on several occasions we have had good friends opt to part with their vessels, boats which I knew could help to make some would-be cruiser’s dreams come true. For example, just under a year ago I posted about our friends Bob and Laurie who were giving up their Lagoon 380. And not too long ago I wrote about our traveling companions on Sol-Mate and Sabbaticus, two families which were also heading back to shore. I am happy to report that all of those boats have either sold or are under contract and due to close soon, their owners having since moved on to new adventures.

Just the other day I wrote about our internet friends Seth and Jaime on Slapdash. Their Gemini, which has proven itself to be a good live-aboard cruiser for a couple, is currently still on the market and is just waiting for two new adventurers to take over her helm. While I was happy to write about each of those to help out our friends, the situations made me sad as I didn’t want those cool people to leave our little community (I was being selfish). Fortunately, the boat that I want to mention today is being sold because of a much happier set of circumstances.

I suspect that many readers of our blog are also already familiar with our friends Scott and Brittany of Windtraveler fame. This young couple, who recently added a baby girl to their family, started to feel that the boat which had carried the two of them safely all the way from the US to Trinidad might not be quite big enough for their newly-enlarged family, or any future additions. For that reason and that reason alone, they have purchased a larger boat and now have Rasmus, their Hallberg Rassy 35 up for sale. If you are of the mono-hull ilk, this boat could have your name written all over it. Yes, instead of simply reading blogs about cruising, you could be out here too. Just saying. 🙂

Rasmus under sail. Beautiful!


  1. We have followed your blog since almost the beginning. You have gained many followers, many of whom, as you said, are cruiser wannabe’s.

    We are soon to be ex-cruisers. We’ve lived aboard for 15 years and cruised on our (horrors) monohull.

    Admittedly, we did not do the extensive cruising you have done, we have traveled six times up and down the east coast of the U.S., out to the Bahamas twice, to the Florida Keys, and all over the Chesapeake Bay.

    We are now looking for someone who will love and take care of and cruise on our boat. While I understand that you don’t want this venue to turn into a ‘yacht listing service’ and would certainly understand if you do not allow this post to see the light of day, I think you would be doing your readers with the cruising dream a service by letting them see the link to our page where we’re offering our boat for sale:

    Whether or not you post this, we thank you for your blog. We have enjoyed it immensely.

    Capt. Larry and Saltwater Suzi

  2. Do you have any Lagoon 380s or Leopard 39s available at this time?

    • Did you note the part where I said we are NOT a yacht-listing service? 🙂

      No, Chris, but I do know a Leopard 40 that is for sale. It is the boat where our cat Samantha previously lived. Asking 200k. The boat is currently here in Grenada. If you are serious message me privately and I can put you in touch with the owner.

  3. Mike – totally appreciate it!! You rock. We will return the favor in SOME way shape or form one of these days!! And if our boat sells to one of your followers, well…we OWE YOU!! Thanks again friend!

  4. This is just one great example of the daisy chain effects of the tangled web. I’ve been a follower of Island Windjammers and their ship, Diamant, since they first set sail, as I know many of the folks involved. I became aware of Windtraveler when Brittany blogged about her first trip aboard Diamant and their subsequent trip to Trinidad for Diamant’s drydock. I guess I started following ZTC when you and Scott were going through the fun-filled STCW 95 class in Trinidad.
    I had the pleasure of sailing with Scott and Brittany the first week of January when Scott was pulling Skipper duties on Diamant. It was a most enjoyable week with a fun group of folks. When we returned to Port Louis, Brittany gave all the passengers a tour of “Rasmus”, their sleek HR 35. You and Rebecca were out exploring the islands by then and were partying in St. Maarten that week. And oddly, Scott & Brittany’s new boat is the same type I’d like to have when I hopefully head out on my own cruising adventure.
    Fair winds to all!

  5. I think they close today on the new sailboat..

  6. Larry – Nice boat, but no windlass??? 😉

    Mike, it’s nice of you to help out your friends by letting your readers know about these proven boats for sale. Best wishes to Scott, Brittany, and Isla. Wow, a new family member *and* a new boat! That’s pretty awesome.

    Back to the windlass – are you having good luck with the new Lewmar that Santa brought, Mike? Did you ever get a reply from Lewmar? I believe you mentioned emailing them, but you never gave an update that I could find. I am considering one because like you, the price is attractive. Also, I was just reading a new thread at CF (forum) about a non-functioning Lofran Tigres windlass, so they are not 100% bulletproof. I’m not putting the two in the same basket, but just saying….

    #1 would you recommend the Lewmar Windlass?

    Another question-

    #2 has your Rocna ever NOT HELD?

    It sure looks like everyone has problems with their dinghy engines not starting sooner or later. Most issues revolve around fuel issues/carburettors. There is one company that offers outboards that run on propane ( Unfortunately they are only available in 2.5hp and 5hp for now. I was just wondering if you have found it difficult finding propane in your travels so far?

    #3 would you consider a propane outboard for the dink?

    Sorry, just one more. Having read from the beginning now, it’s clear that you started out with what you thought you needed. As you cruised, you have added a fair number of things. Equipment, like watermaker and windlass, etc. At times it seemed to cause a bit of grief? I mean, it has to be easier if the boat is still tied to the dock, and you still own a vehicle. We have a pretty basic boat now, but think we could just go, and add equipment as we went, when we felt we needed some piece of equipment. What do you think, since you have gotten this far?


    #4 Go simple/Go now?
    Equip the boat before leaving the dock?

    Thanks in advance,

    • 1. Nothing is perfect, especially if abused. Since installing the new windlass I have modified our process for deploying the anchor, eliminating any and all strain on it. We also keep it covered when sailing, eliminating the salt water bath that it used to get every time we moved the boat. I think this will make it function a LOT longer that the last one. I never did email Lewmar about that one, and we still have it on board, just in case.

      2. No. I may regret saying this but we have never dragged anchor.

      3. No. Propane is a lot harder to get than gas. I would only buy a Yamaha 2-stroke 9.9 or better. Period!

      4. While harder down island, upgrades can definitely be installed while on the move. We added our new solar panels in Florida.

  7. After a day like I had today at work (got yelled at by a fairly famous actress for just doing my job and correcting her dialogue) I would go on that salvaged heap of a raft you featured in your blog post the other day, just to get away from here. Lord help me!!

  8. Scott and Brittany have bought a beautiful new boat and wish them luck and will continue to read their blog. Best of luck to them selling…..I hope they are not two boat owners for long. The next owners will be lucky.

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