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Even though I wrote the other day that I sometimes lack the energy to post daily on this blog, regular readers shouldn’t have any fear that I have intentions of giving it up. While bloggers are largely writing to an anonymous audience, I am reminded frequently enough that there are in fact at least a few people out there who care about what gets posted here. As an example, shortly after posting on the ZTC Facebook page that we were anchored in Brewer’s Bay, we received a message from LaDonna, a Facebook follower and blog reader, inviting us over for sundowners on her Lagoon 380 catamaran Beagle Knot. Although LaDonna and I had corresponded online a couple of times, this was the first time we had met in person. We love turning online friends into real friends!

A more extreme example came in the way of a Christmas gift that we received from another blog reader who we have yet to meet in person. Douglas and his wife Tammy, future cruisers I am sure, went to a lot of trouble and expense to purchase and organize a home (boat) entertainment system to go with One Love’s new, larger flat-screen TV (a recent upgrade). While we don’t watch a lot of television, especially when we have guests on board, Rebecca and I do enjoy chilling out with a movie from time to time. Our new Christmas gift, which admittedly I have yet to explore completely, has made it super easy to do so, and much more enjoyable than watching something on my laptop, our SOP up to this point.

Of course, there are all the wonderful comments that we receive on our blog posts which reinforces that yes, there are people reading. That makes it all worthwhile, so thank you, all!

Who doesn’t love getting presents?

Even the case that it came in is awesome!

Yeah, a little better than my 11″ computer screen. 🙂

Speaking of blogs and comments, check out our friend Steve’s post How To Stay Sexy While Sailing Out To Sea on his blog Uncommon Caribbean where he gives Rebecca and I (especially Rebecca!) a huge shout out. There are some great posts on his blog and even though I’m pretty busy, it’s one that I read quite frequently.


  1. Keep posting!! We are reading! We are currently liveaboards in the Florida Keys and will be full time cruisers in the next 2-3 years and will someday actually meet you two! We feel like we already know you two personally! LOVE the blog!

  2. Keep it up. You are doing a great job!

    ps..only 210 cm of snow this year so far! Yukkers….

  3. If you stop posting you will ruin my morning routine! I can’t start my workday without checking to see what you guys are up to.

    Also my son (who met you at Mike’s House) always asks what you guys are doing and where you are. So we fire up google maps and look at the places you mention in your posts. Having an 11 yr old who is actually interested in something outside of video games is priceless.

  4. Just keep on finding the energy to blog please. A lot of us follow it and get pleasure from it.

    (It is also a very good marketing too – as if you didn’t know! 🙂 )

    Thanks for keeping it going.


  5. I was online checking into Honda 2000 Generators to be used for bringing up the battery bank. Your replies were there an since we have followed your blog thought to ask you.
    We have just purchased a cat from Wiley ( small world). It has solar. We are adding wind generator but are still concern we will be short on watts. We will be running a well insulated freezer, fridge and a 12v water maker. Plus all the others normal nav things.
    Did you find that the generator worked for you on your other boat? Any insight into this would greatly be appreciated.

  6. Mike – Keep posting. I am confident that you might feel like you are just posting into a black hole with little feedback at times. But, for every person who responds or comments, there are tons more of us “stalkers” that read your blog. My wife, Leanne, comments frequently and smiles when I mention something about what Mike & Rebecca are doing. We share many footprints with you. Some of your pictures and such are exactly where our feet have stood before. Our paths will cross at the same point in time one day. Our next BVI trip is scheduled for early June.


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