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Assuming that at least a portion of you would prefer to see more play and less work on this blog, here is some Virgin Islands eye-candy from our recent photo shoot with our friends Carl and Deb. Some of these shots will no doubt make it onto our website, once I get the software situation sorted out on my new laptop.

A couple of notes: The sailing shots were taken with Carl and Deb in the tender. It was not very calm out there so that was a bit of work for all three of them. Additionally, given how hard the wind was blowing, I would have preferred to have at least one reef in our main, if not two. Of course, that wouldn’t have made for such pleasing photos so we made it happen with full sail. As sailors might expect, it was a bit of drama getting the sails down once the photo shoot was over. So it goes.


  1. Lovely. Thank-you.


  2. Beautiful pictures. Thumbs up to the photographer on these!

  3. Photos look great. Really like the last one.

  4. Nice job with the pictures!

  5. Great pictures, wish I was there.

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