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Everyone should now feel more secure knowing that Rebecca and I both passed our ENG1 seafarer medical exam yesterday, and yes, I do say that with a high degree of sarcasm. This medical exam, which in these parts can only be administered by one particular doctor in Trinidad and another one in Barbados, is a requirement for an MCA approved commercial license (ie. RYA Yachtmaster). It was not necessary for Rebecca to do this thorough an exam for her to participate in the STCW course but since we were here, we decided that she might as well get it done too.

Now that we got that out of the way though, and since Rebecca’s course doesn’t begin until December 3rd, we’ll be heading out this morning to nearby Chacachacare Island to hide out for a bit. The island, which for a period of time housed a leper colony, is rumored to be haunted. If you don’t hear from us for a couple of days, I would credit that to a lack of internet access as opposed to ghosts. At least I hope so! 🙂


  1. Al has visited that place and I’ve seen his photos, its interesting.

  2. Please refresh my memory why you are taking this RYA Yachmaster license. I know its the equivalent of a US captains license. Are you planning on doing any commercial sailing to make some money?

  3. Hi Mike and Rebecca:

    As I recall, you folks have a portable gas powered Honda generator on board ZTC. We used one as well when we did our year olng sabbatical and found it most useful.

    Rather alarmingly, there is now a full recall on these units due to a significant fire hazard risk. Please see the posted link I am attaching for you and also alert any and all of your cruising friends and colleagues who may have one on board as well.

    American Honda Recalls Portable Generators Due to Fire and Burn Hazards:

    If you have a gasoline Honda generator, it would seem prudent to immediately check your model and serial number with the info provide above from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    Best wishes,

    s/v Mango Groove

  4. OK, Mike, you have now officially scared the s*&t out of me on a dark night when I am alone except for my animals!!! Thanks a bunch!!!!!!

  5. Have fun on the ghost hunt. I recently stayed at the Grand Hotel in Jerome, AZ. Once an insane asylum, if there were any ghosts we couldn’t hear them for the screams coming from the night help that were assigned ‘screaming duty’. It was eerily cold on the 4th floor when we went up in the elevator.

  6. Have fun. The walk/run/cycle from the landing stage to the lighthouse looks as though it will get you warm.

    I see there is a warning about a fringe of Machineel trees round the bay, that sounds a bit unfriendly.

    You can always camp out in the old nun’s quarters if you want to be really alone . . . . . ? !



  7. Oooo…. sounds very exciting. Although not a whole lot of ‘ghostly’ stuff going on in that video. I did’t hear ‘footsteps’ in that one clip. You should go at night though… see if YOU hear anything!

  8. Congrats and have fun ghost hunting !!

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