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Even though I have already devoted a couple of blog posts (1 and 2) to the subject of spice organization in the galley, you’d read here that neither of those ideas worked out so well for us. The solution illustrated below struck me as genius though. The plastic boxes originally contained Tic Tac candies and, in my opinion, are the perfect size for a boat. Maybe we should look for some of those when we head to downtown Port of Spain today?

By the way, relating to yesterday’s post, our vote for the island in the Windwards and Leewards with the largest number of good anchorages goes to… drum rollAntigua! We’re definitely looking forward to visiting there again on our trip back north.


  1. Great idea……I always thought of using empty prescription bottles, but this is better.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Looking forward to more posts from Trinidad…..
    While there is never a shortage of topics on ZTC, please put this on in the queue:

    Reflections on storing a boat on the hard (or in the water) for hurricane season in Grenada. What’s to like/not like. How to avoid coming back to a boat thoroughly coated on the interior w black mold, and other yummy tips.

    I recall you had a good friend who left his boat there on the hard and I’m sure you know others in the grapevine…. Thanks! Jonathan

  3. I love re-purposing , thats a lot of breath mints Wozah.

  4. How did you come to buy, consume, – and then keep!!!! – eleven tictac boxes???


    It is a good idea though, thanks.


  5. Great idea! But since I like to play devils advocate: Spices only come in jars or baggies larger than those tic tac boxes. Where will you store the leftover spices you will surely need soo to refill?? 😉

  6. George & Sarah - 'Mirador' Leopard 40 - Reply

    Mike, not apropos of this topic, but there has been a recall on Honda 2000 generators:

    We’re headed south & Bahamas, hopefully by Dec 5.

    Best wishes

    • Thanks very much! You are now the forth blog reader to share that info with us, which is awesome. It’s nice to know there are people out there looking out for us. Fortunately this does not affect our generator. Ours was purchased July 2010.

  7. Very cool idea! I love new ways to organize things. I’m kinda OCD when it comes to organization and now you’ve just added another method.. 🙂


  8. Sounds like a great idea. I might have to implement it myself, using the mega tic tac containers. It will keep my supplies of spices manageable & fresh. (also means I can buy/ use more).

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