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Our day in the Coconut Grove / Key Biscayne area was spent making last minute preparations for tomorrow’s planned crossing to the Bahamas. In almost chronological order, we:

  • Moved out of the mooring field after being told we were not welcome to anchor there.
  • Topped up our fuel tank and all of our jerry cans.
  • Went for swim number one when I dove in the water at the fuel dock to save the jerry can lid (I was unsuccessful in retrieving it). Yes, it was chilly but at least the water was clear.
  • Anchored for the first time of the day, just outside the fuel dock after being told there was no “courtesy dock” where we could leave our boat for a couple of hours to go shopping.
  • Went to West Marine and Home Depot to buy last-minute “stuff.”
  • Anchored for the 2nd time, this time at Hurricane Hole on Key Biscayne. We were shocked to find that we are one of only 2 boats anchored here. Everyone heading to the Bahamas must have already left!
  • Drained fuel from the Tohatsu engine, cleaned him up and then stored him down below in the “garage
  • Wrestled Yamaha engine (Yama-Sama!) up onto the rail mount. If the bolts on the new mount had been moved even 1/2″ up or down, the engine would not have fit! We initially tried to use the boom to raise the engine up onto the rack but I decided that using brute force was the better solution (this time). An easier solution will no doubt present itself at some point.
  • Went for swim number 2, this time attempting to clean the crap off our speed transducer and get it working again. We’ll know tomorrow if I was successful.
  • Repaired (sewed) small piece of our Genoa’s sun-strip which had come unraveled. Our sewing machine rocks!
  • Moved bar-b-q because it was casting a shadow on our new solar panel.
  • Added some shims to the solar panel to make it level. The fact that it was 1/2″ out of level was driving me bananas. This job turned into way more work than I had intended. I really need to stop being so anal.
  • Studied Explorer charts, decided on final destination for tomorrow and plotted way-points into Garmin.

Now we’re just chilling out and will be hitting the sack early to be ready for our 2 AM departure! Wish us luck. 🙂

Aerial pic of Bimini, where we are headed tomorrow.

Note: We have no idea about internet access once we leave the US so if I don’t post for a day or so, don’t send the Coast Guard looking for us! We will, however, be able to update our spot!


  1. Good luck on your crossing! I will be following you from now on!~

  2. Have a great sail tomorrow!!! Stay safe.
    I guess we won’t set two plates for Christmas dinner . We’re sad that we will not get to see you before you leave. We arrive only on Monday. Have a Merry Christmas where ever you are.

    On the bright side , we get to return the gifts we bought. LOL, LOL 🙂

    The Kids!!

  3. Top of the morning to ya! Have a safe and uneventful crossing! The waters there are even warmer and even clearer!

  4. We just got home from a friend’s Christmas party and it’s 1:59 AM which means you’re now getting ready to head on over to the Bahamas. We’re looking forward to your posts as they are always full of much appreciated information!

  5. Fair winds and following seas and WATCH that entrance into Bimini. It’s a crazy one if they have not changed it. Also there is great sea glass collecting on the windward side beach.
    Hope you find some fun and sun!

  6. Good luck guys! Have a great/safe sail. We’ll be thinking of you!



  7. Mike,

    We really enjoyed or visit the other day.. We wish you guys the safest voyage!

    Looking at spot, it looks like your bypassing Bimini?

    Mark, Dawn and Keal

  8. Congratulations!
    I see from Spot you are now halfway there.
    You are now officially Bluewater Sailors.
    Let the adventures continue.

  9. 430pm
    See that you are in the Bahamas, must be exciting! Can’t wait to hear about the trip. Seems like you went far north and had to back track. Enjoy.

  10. Best of Luck. We will look forward to reading about your cross.

  11. Have a safe trip, enjoy the Bahamas!

  12. Yes, safe sail Mike and Rebecca. Will be thinking about you….

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