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  • Non-functioning dinghy: Worthless!
  • Clip to repair fuel line: $6.50
  • Two spare clips as insurance to deal with any future issues: $13.00
  • Water taxi to town to acquire these items: $25.00
  • Fully-functioning dinghy: Priceless!

The store that we went to acquire the new fuel clips (do those things have an actual name?), Top II Bottom, was very well stocked. Imagine one of those smallish crammed-full-of-stuff hardware stores that also has a pretty good marine section. That’s pretty much what it’s like.

As it turns out, although we didn’t like spending the money on it, the water taxi trip to town was probably the most comfortable way to get their yesterday. It definitely was a lot dryer than a dinghy ride would have been. With all the chop in the bay, we would have been soaked! Today unfortunately isn’t looking much better.

Pricey, but at least we were dry.

The very low and narrow bridge into Lake Victoria.

One to fix the problem and two spares!


  1. Good idea to get the spares. Those little parts are magnetically attracted to water, especially salt water!

  2. Now that you have the spares you will never have THAT problem again (it’s written in the Rules of Spares!)


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