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For the past few weeks our boat has been a bit of a Ronin, a masterless Samurai. I say that because shortly after the purchase, we had the boat de-flagged from France, but had not yet had our Canadian registration approved. Happily, all that has just been rectified.

While it used to be that all of the registration paperwork needed to be submitted to Transport Canada by mail, they have recently (?) started allowing you to send in the forms electronically. Note that when I say forms, I mean forms in PLURAL. Yes, there’s a bit of stuff to fill out!

The biggest hurdle in supplying the required info to Transport Canada is that we didn’t understand a couple of questions on the tonnage forms. I suspect the same forms are used for both small pleasure craft and large ships, adding to the complexity of the process. After a few attempts though, we finally got it all right.

I have to give a huge thank you to the people at Transport Canada, and especially Christiane. She was extremely helpful, and we are very grateful to her! Now all we need to do is have the official renaming ceremony, like this one…


  1. $400 !!! Can you guys adopt me?
    I am just waiting for my Trans Can papers. Have to get one notarized as boat paperwork was sketchy since the previous owner did not do things correctly.
    I am thinking maybe a nice Italian bubbly <$30 seeing that I only have 22'.
    I had not realized or forgotten that you got your new anchor before leaving Lake Ont.
    Nice to look back at Mike's Ms. Clairol days. 🙂

    • We ONLY drink $200.00 of champagne. 😉

    • $400?? Canadian registration costs $250 for a first time registration. We’re in the process now. did you pay extra to have it expedited? we’re on month 2 waiting, we do know that our selected name has been approved and reserved for us. Just waiting for the paperwork to arrive now!

      • He’s referring to the price of the Champagne, not the registration fee.

        The folks at TC took mercy on us as we explained that with a de-flagged boat, we were stuck in Grenada. I also mentioned Hurricane Danny. 🙂

  2. Where did you get the great naming and denaming text from?

  3. Hey Mike and Rebecca,
    I am not familiar with the renaming ceremony and was wondering if you get more favor with the Gods, if you spend $200 on the champagne instead of $25?

    I bet you watch that video and look back on that day and feel proud~!

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