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If you read the recent post about the Carriacou Hash, you’ll perhaps remember that a beach clean up was organized prior to the start of the run. The photo of the numerous full bags shows you the amount of trash that was picked up but what you might not know is that a large portion of that garbage was single use plastic bottles. Rebecca and I really avoid purchasing single use water bottles, instead opting to carry with us Nalgene-type bottles filled with tap water. In fact, we almost always have one with us.

When I wrote about installing the faucet in the cockpit it is because our plan is to distribute water bottles to each of our guests when they arrive on board. That way they can keep themselves hydrated and not add to the crazy amount of plastic pollution out there. The water feeding that tap will be coming from our watermaker which produces super pure water. We also opted to purchase wide mouth bottles so that those who prefer to can add ice to their water.

Of course, we do expect that water will not be the only beverages served on board One Love which is why we also ordered an assortment of colorful koozies to keep the beer cans and soft drink cans cool. We do not like warm beer!


  1. Love the way you guys are taking a stand on this. A suggestion might be to offer the water bottles for sale on site to bring awareness to this issue. We participate in the beach clean-ups around Charleston, SC whenever we can and it just amazes me the numbers of those plastic water bottles we collect every time.

  2. Outstanding idea! I think you will also find that is cheaper than buying bottled water too. I was spending a great deal in my dive business for bottled water years ago and each day we had a sack of plastic bottles. Now we hand out a ScubaTony water bottle with their names written on the side. Then they take them home as a souvenir at the end of the vacation. They love the botttles, it saves plastic waste, it is cheaper in the long run and there is no amount you can put on the value of the bottle staring at them with our name and phone number when they are back home at 10 below. Everybody wins!

  3. No yellow-colored souvenirs?!?!?

    Your business is set for success. So many great ideas being put to work. Congratulations!! 🙂

  4. I hope those water bottles are BPA free! I only buy stainless steel water bottles to avoid that.

    Pretty koozies!

  5. Excellent brand marketing!

    You guys are doing exceptionally well before you even start. After being off the grid for the last few years, you have stepped up your game.

    Continued success to you all.


  6. Just be mindful of people putting there mouths on the bottles and then filling up with your spigot and the bottle touching the spigot. Transfer of germs is very common when refilling bottles. Nothing worse than a crew getting sick during vacation.

    • Are you serious? Do you have stats to prove this? There are a million ways to transfer germs. My guess is that this would rank WAY down the list, if at all.

    • “Transfer of germs is very common…”
      Doubtful. We’ve had self-serve refilling stations all over campus for a few years. Most of their usage counters now read in the ten or hundred thousands. As far as I can tell, there has not been a single documented case of cross-contamination.

  7. Why have you got bits of paper in the bottles?

    Those are two nice promotional ideas, IMHO.
    What is next, towels, bikinis? 🙂


  8. Very nice! Glad you guys are taking a positive stand on the plastics issue.

    Now…for the koozies…I heard somewhere that you can’t wear camo…will a beer be mistaken for a military beer if it is wearing camo? 😉

  9. Yes…..Great Plan….And I am Guessing that the Other Faucet you Install in the Cockpit WILL be TAPPED into the Beer Keg……Wow You Guys are WAAAAAAYYYYY Ahead of your Competition………smile…….Good One On Ya…….

  10. Good idea, Mike….
    There was another scandal up here last week with yet another bottled water company shipping contaminated product. And not long ago it was “don’t refill the single-use bottles, they’ll leach nasty stuff into the water.” But the water that had been sitting in them for two months originally was OK?
    No, far better to get the fresh stuff yourself from rain or a watermaker….

  11. This is an awesome idea, although my limited past experience with chartering tells me that many a guest will be leaving the boat with more than “water” in that bottle. 🙂 What a great way to head off to the airport after a wonderful charter, a huge ice filled cocktail to go!

    You seem to be setting up a “wholesome charter experience” which I think will be a nice twist that will work. Your background should attract those healthy, conscientious drinkers on vacation. but time will tell, folks on vacation like to be “on” vacation!

  12. So how can we book a cruise and what does it cost?

  13. Great Idea providing guests with bottles…I’m a cyclist and always use my bottles instead of buying a small bottle that could wind up in a land fill. I hate to see folks walking out of stores with cases of bottled water since I know where most of those will go. One cycling event gave us “Platypus” bottles which collapse when empty, I’ve been using that one for three years.

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