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There is no AC on ZTC. We do have a multitude of hatches that we can open, but sometimes that doesn’t cut it. Enter fans. Cruisers usually have a bunch of fans installed on their boats. We currently own 1 fan. Yes, only 1. And it runs on 12 volts, as a good boat appliance should. The problem is, our boat only has 1 – 12 volt receptacle and it’s located in the nav station. Now this works fine for where I typically sit in the salon, as the fan can easily reach me, but it’s not so good for where Rebecca sits. It is also of no use if we wanted to run the fan in the galley, where it is often wanted.

As a surprise for Rebecca, I made a trip into town today to pick up a 12 volt receptacle and installed it in the galley. Now Rebecca can have some nice breeze from the fan when she cooks, and also where she sits in the salon. More brownie points for me when she gets back. 🙂


  1. Hmmm, Nice! However keep in mind, when women are concern, there are no multi-point, it is one point per niceness (^_^).

    eg: install a fan = 1 pt, buy a new dress =1 pt, buy a Mercedes = 1 pt

  2. Have you tried a windscoop? They work great!

  3. We have 7 fans, and on the Bay they are barely enough:

    * 2 x Boras, one on each side of the settee seat backs, near the front. Port cools the galley, starboard distributes heat from the Dixson.
    * 2 Boras, on in each sleeping cabin. A better design, would be to have a fan that could pivot in front of the large side hatch. Perhaps I will build an arm.
    * 1 large (18″) fan that we use on low speed many places. almost as good as AC. This one moves all over. We put it away anytime the temps are below 90F and the wind is blowing at all. It is strictly for Chesapeake doldrums… when it becomes a life saver. A good breeze and it’s easy to pretend you are in the islands.
    * 1 of the fans you have, the we move all over . Very efficient. Often it is used to move air onto the second sleeping cabin (mom and dad use the big one!).
    * 1 Hella at the helm. It is the one Hella that was still good, after the others burned up. It was easy to rig a mount; haven’t felt the need to use it yet.

    Overkill? Maybe, maybe not. Also, we have 2 sleeping cabins to cool.

    It’s easy to wire the sleeping fans from the reading lights (access into the fuel tank space), and the salon fans were not hard to wire off the panel.

    The 18″ fan 110v. Still, on low it uses very little and is silent.

  4. Mike, you have to buy more fans so you can both be cool at the same time! 🙂

  5. Mike you need to look at a Breeze Booster. We have one on our boat and it’s phenomenal how much air it shoves through the boat.

    Nice work on the outlet!

    S/V Nomad

  6. Have you tried anchoring stern into the wind? I never have on this boat, but I keep promising I will try it someday. Thought it would be bad if there were waves or if it rained, it might bring a lot more breeze through the cabin. And you would be using your Fortress instead of the Rocna, or you could simply lead the rode to a bridle at the stern.

    Let us know… or I’ll report in when it gets stinking hot here in 6 months.

  7. Good on you to note that on a boat everyone eventually has “their”spot. On Eolian, Jane’s is on the dinette settee with her back to the Nav station. Mine is on the stbd settee with my back to the galley sink.

    We are all such creatures of habit…


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