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Next week our business will be closed for our summer holidays as thus if the weather gods cooperate we should have plenty of time to get out sailing and enjoy our new boat. Rather than take off on a long-range, multi-day cruise we instead plan on doing a bunch of day trips with some overnights spent in some nearby anchorages. As we are not familiar with the local sailing areas we had our charts out last night and were studying them for possibilities.

On a different topic, due to the previously discussed Mosquito issues we would ultimately like to have a screen door made for the companionway of Katana. Our dock neighbors, Jennifer and Al had a nice dodger constructed by Barry Braithwaite and so we gave him a call this morning to discuss our ideas. He is going to come by the marina late next week to take a look and give us some suggestions on what he could do for us.

A view from our companionway. This is the doorway we would like to have a screen made for.

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  1. hope we are outta here before Barry comes by and sees our functional but cheesy homemade bimini, yikes

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