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Since we have no immediate plan to move our boat, and thus no ability to shoot some new and exciting sailing footage of our own, I thought that I’d share this super-professional promo video for our friends’ sailing school, LTD Sailing. In case you haven’t guessed, the LTD in their business name stands for Living The Dream, and it’s something that these guys are most definitely doing!

Living The Dream!

I watched this video again earlier today and I couldn’t help smiling while doing so. It features several of our friends in the video content, and our friend Jamie’s boat. It was also all recorded in a sailing area that we’ve grown to love and respect. I hope that many of you reading this post get to experience something similar to what is featured in this short video. It’ll generate lifelong memories, guaranteed!

Living The Dream

Chris and Chrystal, owners of LTD (Living The Dream) Sailing.

Something new?

By the way, Chris, co-owner of LTD Sailing, may very well be contributing some future content to our blog. He has a lot of experience and I’m eager to see what he wants to share. That is, if he can ever steal a few minutes away from his classes and boat brokerage business to pen something for us. No pressure, Chris. 🙂

By the way, in case you were curious, we receive absolutely zero compensation for posting about our friends. We do so simply becuase they deserve the exposure, and it’s the one gift that we can easily give.