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In the book 9 Years on the 7 Seas which I am currently reading the author writes of her experience with the below-mentioned Ham radios:

“What a moral support these ham nets are! With an amateur licence and a short-wave radio on board, you are never alone. Help is only a phone call away, which is an enormous relief at sea, far away from civilization.”

We had better get busy! I think we may need this and more though! 🙂



  1. Hello
    Just wanted to tell you that if you, as I am, reading your blog from the beginning next post, “research” is a dead end, it won’t take you further on in the story! I guess its because its not a post but an article or something.

    All the best

    Viveka and Erik in Sweden
    planning our departure and surfing the net while waiting for the day to come in a little less then five years. Soooooo many days of waiting. How old were your child(ren) when you left? Our youngest is 17 and we think its fair if he is an adult before we leave. )

    • Hi Viveka. Thanks. You’re right, because that is a PAGE and not a POST, the back and forward links won’t be available.

      As for kids, our daughter was an adult. You should be aware though that there are probably more than a hundred cruising kids here in Grenada right now, some who have only ever known life on a boat. They are some of the best socialized, educated, and well behaved kids that we have ever met, and we used to teach kids martial arts for a living.

    • Good news… My webmaster friend David fixed the problem. The forward/back links now work as they should from that post.

  2. Hi Mike & Rebecca.

    I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning; finding your posts very informative. So, I got to this page, and like Viveka noted above, there is no link to your next blog post. So, how do I get to your next post? I tried searching for May 2009 with no go results.


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