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Five days without a blog post. Why? No excuses, I just haven’t felt like posting. We’ve had a ton of work taking place here on One Love but with Rebecca away, I just hadn’t been motivated to do much writing. My loving wife has recently returned from California though and apparently her presence helps with my motivation. Imagine that! Thanks, Rebecca! 🙂

Here is what we’ve accomplished since arriving in Grenada:

  • Installed a new Mastervolt Inverter/Charger
  • Installed a new remote control for the charger/inverter
  • Installed new USB charging ports at Nav. table
  • Installed new LED lighting at Nav. table
  • Converted starboard winch from manual to electric
  • Serviced both helm winches
  • Had galley cupboard modified to make room for winch motor
  • Installed new VHF radio
  • Installed VHF radio command mic at helm
  • Replaced main halyard
  • Rerouted main halyard to helm
  • Replaced genoa furling line
  • Installed new deck light
  • Converted masthead anchor light to LED
  • Converted all interior lights to LED
  • Installed slide-out drawers in galley cupboards
  • Installed new propane range in galley
  • Had Yamaha outboard fully serviced
  • Had cosmetic work completed on davits
  • Had cosmetic work completed on topsides
  • Installed new freezer compressor
  • Had repairs made to topside logo/stripes
  • Set wheels in motion for new dodger/screens to be made
  • Set wheels in motion for engines to be serviced

You’d think with all that going on I could have written about all sorts of technical drama. Believe it! I do know how much everyone likes reading about that kind of drama but as I said, I just wasn’t all that motivated to write about it.

With most of our larger refit projects now completed, we’re nearing the end of our time at Port Louis Marina. Rebecca and I are now looking forward to getting off the dock and out at anchor. It’s much more convenient to get work like this done when on the dock but that’s not where we are happiest. We prefer to be out with some privacy where we can jump in the water for a swim whenever we want. Soon!


  1. It’s been fun reading your complete blog and see how your lives have changed in a few years. Congratulations to you both!

  2. Hey Mike,

    Just wondering, Will you be taking “z2c” out anytime before next season starts?

  3. Two reasons not to swim in marinas:
    1. There’s probably high voltage AC in the water from someone’s bad wiring.
    2. Wearing clothing to swim is just not right.

    That is one hell of a “work accomplished” list, Mike. Enough that I can understand why you’d have no motivation left to write about it!

  4. Welcome back Rebecca and blog!

    I hope family visit was good.


  5. You aren’t fooling us. That last sentence was just Code for wanting privacy for some serious canoodle time. Like how does that even happen when you charter. How do you as a couple get any of that kind of time living In a fishbowl. Every one wants to know,I am just the only one bold enough to inquire.

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