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Our friend, who recently described us as “f@#king crazy“, just returned from a nice vacation in Australia. He admitted to me that now, after having spent two weeks in one of the sailing capitals of the world, traveling from yacht club to yacht club, he can now see where we are coming from and that he is in fact “jealous.” He told me that he is also now working on his own “5 year plan!” Woo hoo… go for it!

While in Australia I had our friend pick us up a Stitch It Awl, a hand-sewing tool for sail repairs, etc. This is one of the tools that I had bookmarked as a “nice to have on the boat” item. Sails don’t actually tear, do they?

Note that I think the sails pictured above are a bit beyond the scope of repairs that can be made with a little Stitch It Awl!

On a different topic, if for a moment you still think that two adults “throwing off the bowlines” and taking off for parts unknown is a bit strange, check out the movie Surf Wise which we watched last night. “Successful medical doctor quits his practice to go and surf, ultimately living in a 24′ camper van with his wife and 9 kids!” One thing that movie does do is make us a bit more comfortable in whether or not a 32′ catamaran will fit all of our stuff. If 11 people can live in a 24′ camper…