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Something cool for this morning… a brand new site for tracking your vessel’s travels and positions on the web. I just registered One Love. Check it out!


  1. Unfortunately, the site shows One Love about half-way up the hill to Paradise Point???

  2. Yeah, I’ve been noticing that google has a bit of a bias. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s a GPS Datum issue or something less sophisticated, but other developers have complained about it as well. As soon as I figure out what’s causing it, I’ll make whatever updates are required site-wide. In the meantime you can rest easy knowing that nobody will be using the site for navigation. The truly inquisitive can always copy the lat/lon onto a chartplotter 🙂

  3. That looks good.

    Is it free?
    Is it running 24/7?
    How do you notify your GPS position ever 1/4 hour?
    Can you go into private invisible mode?

    I look forward to using it as an alternative to AIS

    (Where did he get that name for it??)



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