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With Hurricane Amanda, the strongest May hurricane on record in the Eastern Pacific, presently in the news, many of us with boats in the hurricane “box” are giving thought to our plans for the season. “What are you doing this summer?” is a common subject of conversation around here. Well, the following is our plan but remember, as always, a sailor’s plan is written in sand, at low tide!

As of this moment, our final charter ends on July 20th. We will be keeping our fingers crossed that no nasty Amanda’s show up in the area before that group of guests depart. When they do though, if the weather is good on the 21st, we plan to jet straight to Grenada, a trip of just over 400 nm. The challenge with this trip will not be the distance, we’ve sailed a route similar to that a few times already. Instead, the challenge will be the direction. The course from St. Thomas to Grenada is basically SSE and by that time of year, the trade winds will likely have already shifted to blow from their summertime south-easterly direction. Again, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the weather will be favorable for a safe and fast passage.

What will we do during the summer months in Grenada? Stay safe from hurricanes for starters, that’s priority one! While making sure that that happens, we also have a few more upgrades to look after on One Love, and we plan to recharge our own batteries and enjoy some time with our friends. We have five more groups of charter guests visiting us before all that will take place though. Five groups that we need to make sure have the vacation of their lifetime!


  1. One big tack and you will be fine!

  2. NOAA says the Atlantic hurricane season will be light, maybe you should leave asap

  3. Curious what your hurricane plan looks like that you submitted to your insurance company?

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