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I have been told that things that turn, need to turn. In other words, engines, blocks, motors, etc. that are designed to rotate, need to be used on a regular basis to stop corrosion from seizing them up. Perhaps our failing to do this is why our windlass decided to stop working, just as we were ready to raise anchor this morning for our sail to Carriacou.

As it stands, we are currently sailing up the Leeward coast of Grenada (west coast) on a nice beam reach, after raising our anchor by hand that is. Just one more project to keep us busy. We’ll try to check in later when we source some Wi-Fi in Carriacou.


  1. We learned the hard way, you should also open and close all through-hull valves at least once a month, along with your Y-valve.

  2. That is just a boat in general, always something to fix. I had a windlass go out once on a large vessel anchored up in deep water and had to pull it in by hand. Needless to say I was wiped out after I got it in. But you are off and cruising so cheers. “Fair winds and following seas”

  3. I would put plenty of WD40 or similar down there.

    On out boats we spray it on anything that moves if we’re away from them.

    Fingers crossed.

  4. I’m assuming you’ve decided it’s not a switch or solinoid. I replaced a deck switch today, so it’s on my mind.

    Otherwise, bummer.

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