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Although it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything fitness related, that definitely doesn’t mean that we’ve forsaken our exercise regimes. On the contrary, Rebecca and I both recently set a goal that we were going to work out each day during the last charter. I’m happy to say that by being both disciplined, and organized with our charter-related tasks, we were able to accomplish that goal.

At one point during the week while our guests were on shore hiking, we took a moment to record a short video clip of Rebecca training with our aeroSling suspended pulley trainer. You used to have to order these devices from Europe but now they’re actually available from Amazon in the US, and for less than the cost of a TRX! As you can see, it works perfectly on a sailboat. Before you say that it could only work on a large cat, remember that we used to live, and exercise, on a much smaller cat, and we’ve done the same on many monohulls too. No excuses!

Note: 20 reps of each exercise. 3 sets.


  1. Great use of a fender! That must be what they do with all those balls stacked up in the corner of the gym. I’ll try it in my basement first.

  2. So you decide to tell us about the AeroSling a month after I use the link on your site to get a TRX!

    Sure do like the TRX though. Are you still using it, or has the AeroSling taken over?

    • After years of near daily use, our TRX started to wear. We still have it and could use it today but the buckles no longer grab. We use the Aerosling now and it is good too. This post was primarily to show that it (aerosling) is now available in the US, and for a much more affordable price than it used to be. Both are great IMO. Just buy one and USE IT!

  3. At the present time, my sailing is restricted to day trips and occasional overnighters with my wife aboard our 27 foot Pearson sloop which we sail out of Staten Island’s Great Kills harbor. This leaves me plenty of time to squeeze in workouts at the local Planet Fitness. In a few years, I hope to retire from the medical profession and spend much of my time cruising on a larger boat. While hardly a “gym rat” regular exercise is part of my routine and I hope to continue at sea as do Mike and Rebecca. Were I to own a multihull like theirs, I would consider bolting a Total Gym to the floor in the main Salon. As we are sticking to a monohull in the 35 foot range, that would be hardly feasible. I probably will use the same equipment that they are, supplemented by dips in the companionway and possibly using water and fuel jugs as “free weights”

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