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We have so much going on these days that it’s hard to know where to begin this post. I guess I’ll start with the most immediate issue, on the 24th of April, Rebecca and I quit our positions on One Love. As much as I would like to share the particulars of why we made this unplanned and extremely rapid decision, I need to hold that back, for now. There has been plenty of speculation on our Facebook page in the post where I made this same announcement but our close friends and family know the facts. I can assure you at least this much, it had nothing to do with business!

In infinitely more positive news, once we removed ourselves from that boat, we enjoyed a great, albeit somewhat chaotic, vacation with our daughter Cassandra and our grandson Jimmy. This is the first time that we have ever had a family member visit us, and the first opportunity that I’ve had to meet my new grandson. With the support and hospitality of our good friends, we were able to salvage their vacation and show them a good time. While their visit was ongoing, we also packed up all of our personal possessions (761 lbs. worth, including kettle bells) and shipped them to Grenada (huge thanks Jim Shrove for all of his help with this).

In case you are curious, shipping a pallet from St. Thomas to Grenada via Tropical costs $595.20.

I understand that our stuff will arrive in Grenada sometime around the third week of May. So yes, that is, in fact, where we are heading, back to Grenada, our second home and temporary resting place of ZTC. We actually fly there tomorrow.

What’s next? Well, we do have some exciting plans! Check back tomorrow and I promise I’ll share. I’m a little out of practice with this whole blogging thing so need to ease my way back into it.


  1. Awesome pics! Everyone looks happy, especially your grandson. Great to have you back posting on ZTC.

  2. You guys are inspiring. How you get knocked down and bounce back up with new plans and new direction.

  3. Great family photos – we can definitely see the love. My favorite is your grandson in the water with your arms behind and in front. Look forward to hearing about your next adventures!

  4. Great pics, awesome family. Glad they had a great vacation. Michelle and I will keep in touch.

  5. Keeping a good thought for you guys but I know you will do well no matter what is next. Cheers!

  6. i was saving money to book a charter with you. I’ll be waiting to hear if your future plans include chartering or if I should just blow the money on wine.

  7. Best of luck to you both! One door closes, another opens. Hope to see you in Grenada before we fly north. And the family time -priceless.

  8. Edit second sentence …24April ;:<)

    Been reading you for years, hope to for more. Your trip with Two Fish should be fun too.
    Will be interesting to read of your transition back to the smaller ZTC after all that space on OLC…although sharing that extra space had its trade off I'm sure.

    All the best


    • Thanks for catching that typo!

      I’m sure we’ll have plenty to write about, including our adventure with Two Fish (which I have not yet mentioned here… Shhh). 🙂

  9. WTF Happened? I’ll guess it was a bad time when the owner was aboard last week..
    What about the Charters that already booked for next month?

    Your pictures that you have posted must the good– Not the bad.. I could never think there could be bad..

  10. Although we are all curious about your sudden departure from one love we are all glad to see you happy and enjoying time with family. Maybe our paths could cross when we vacation there soon.

  11. From total novices to seasoned sailing professionals what a large online fanbase, you to have brought new meaning to living life to the fullest.

    Despite almost meeting you and Rebecca when you’re heading down the ICW, I have only been able to track you virtually. It has been entertaining the entire time. I know that regardless of what the reasons are for your sudden departure, it wasn’t due to lack of professionalism on your part.

    Wishing you guys all the best as you embark on the next stage of your adventure!

    • Thank you, Mike. The people who know us in person know that we act with integrity and professionalism always. It’s nice when those who only know us virtually have the same beliefs.

  12. Good Luck with your new adventures starting in Grenada – I’m sure you’ll be welcomed back there with open arms.
    Mikey & Nicola

  13. Safe travels to GND! When you get settled (so to speak), I have a story of converging paths that you may find interesting. Sail on!

  14. Lets ignore the obvious “WTF happened?” question for a moment. (No real need to know beyond that something™ did happen.)

    There is still quite a bit of housekeeping to do on the various domains and advertisements. A quick look shows most if not all still say you are the crew. You probably turned access over after the resignation and even if you still have access doing it yourself might not be the best idea.
    So collecting a list and requesting a change seems to be the rational answer.

  15. You have been our source of inspiration; carry on your dreams! We wish you our best.

    Kathy & François
    S/V R.E.D.

  16. Looking forward to your next chapter

  17. Aren’t grandsons the best!

  18. Mike & Rebecca,

    Sad that you won’t be around on One Love any more. We were hoping to book next season. Glad you all seem to be moving on and happy. All the best to you guys. We look forward to the resumption of your ZTC blog and the renewed chronicling of your next big adventure. I’m sure it will be something exciting!

    Your adventure has inspired many of us (including myself) to dream about sailing off into the sunset.

  19. Mike and Rebecca, sorry that life has taken a unexpected turn, but I’m excited to see what’s up next. As for knowing what happened, you will tell when and if your ready… Certainly not a deal breaker for me.
    Thanks for all you do and all you share, you are an inspiration.

  20. I feel sorry for the next guests’– They were expecting you two..

    Now they will not get the exceptional service that you two have provided for your previous charters on Mikes Boat..

    It is Mikes Boat– I’ll bet that is were the problem is..

    Let him run Onelove.. I could say more but I won’t..

  21. So glad we got to meet. Quite the shock to not have it be with One Love but I know how quickly things can change in life when your integrity or honor are challenged by others. Sometime those decisions are easy and quick! We look forward to catching up to you again in Grenada but know I’ll never catch up in a hash.

  22. What fun to spend time with family, especially grandkids! I don’t know what happened, and I admit I’m curious, but the good thing is spending time with family and moving on to what’s next!

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