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I wrote the following back in April:

More on the subject of running, Rebecca and I are looking forward to checking out was is called a Hash Run. Our friends Bill and Ana from m/v Knot Tide Down told us about them when we cruised with them back in the states. Apparently they “run” them every other week in Grenada.

Yesterday, after 8 days in Grenada, we were finally able to take part in one and yes, we had a blast. Almost if they planned it, half way through the run the skies opened up with a serious downpour and the first bit of thunder that we have heard since our arrival in here. Although the rain put a bit of a damper on the after-party, everyone seemed to enjoy the event, including us. We’ve been told that they’ll be running a Hash every Saturday in July giving us plenty more opportunities to get sweaty, wet and muddy. Fun times!

Yesterday’s hash was a bit special in that it had a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Here we are, all decked out, waiting for everyone to arrive. The only problem is, we’re in the wrong bay. I’m sure glad we have a fast dinghy because, after realizing our mistake (MY mistake), we were able to zip over to the correct pickup location.

This is the before picture.

A sampling of the men, women and children ready to take part.

This pavement was soon to be replaced with a muddy trail.

A blurry photo because, yes, it’s raining, and the lens is all wet.

The after shot.

No longer virgins!


  1. Congrats on the Hash guys! I’m the Grand Master and founder of the Sarasota Circus Hash up here. Then again, that probably doesn’t shock you 🙂 Now you need to set a trail and you’ll get your hash names! Mine is Spume. I’ve hashed all over the world. My mother hash (where I started) is Athens, Greece.

    ON ON


  2. We are in St Lucia today and headed to St Vincent tomorrow. We should be down in Grenada in one to two weeks. Look forward to seeing you and catching up you. I think I owe you a drink (if not, then the next one is on me anyway.)

  3. Sounds as though a good time was had by all! And a rainshower in the middle of a run isn’t all bad. Kind of cools you off.

  4. Looks like a great time, and ya’ll make good looking pirates! What a perfect way to get out and meet other people.

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