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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about hiking, which may be an indicator that our fun:suck ratio is out of whack. Our friends Bob and Sarah from the sailing vessel Rhapsody were eager to go for a walk though, so we scheduled that for yesterday morning. As it turns out, we got a bit carried away by the scenery, and our walk turned into a major hike as we completed the entire 10-mile Saint Anne Loop.

Note: I just made that name up. Do you like it. 😉

Saint Anne

Mother Nature cooperated by providing us with a clear, albeit hazy day. Given the ultimate length of the hike though, we ended up a bit underprepared on the water and sun-protection fronts. In spite of that, we all survived, and had a great day for our efforts.

The Saint Anne Loop

Saint Anne

A rough outline of the Saint Anne loop. The last part, along the road, kind of sucks!


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