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We love visiting new islands. We just don’t prefer to do them by airplane, or rack up 5 of them in one day. That is what we did on Sunday though as we flew from St. Thomas to Barbados on Liat airline.

We knew we were in for a long day when we had an almost 2 hour delay in St. Croix, the first stop in our multi-leg journey. Rebecca and I were very chilled out while waiting but the other passengers were near ready to riot there. Crazy! Yes, they sent in an armed guard and in this case, I approved.

Once the plane was cleared for takeoff, we flew on to Anguilla, the island just north of St. Martin. After a short stop there we continued on to Antigua. We had to change planes in Antigua and after our big delay, we were surprised to find it still on the ground.

From Antigua we flew to St. Lucia and as you can imagine, we arrived there a good amount late. Amazingly enough the third airplane we had to take was also waiting for us.

The third time is the charm they say or in this case, the third plane was the charm as it actually got us to our intended destination, Barbados. Surprisingly to us, the driver who we were told would pick us up at the airport was actually waiting for us. Apparently they had been tracking our flights and knew that we had just arrived. Our friendly driver Edwin whisked us away to the Sweet Cane Guest House where we had booked accommodations, but not before allowing us to stop and pick up a pizza at Chefette, a local fast-food franchise. Neither Rebecca nor I had eaten since the morning and were fading fast.

Well, we could have sailed here, right?


  1. If you have time …
    Beaches to visit: Foul Bay, Harrismith Bay, Bottom Bay. Crane Beach if you are into celeb spotting but if you go there walk to the opposite end away from the Crane Beach Resort. Interesting cave at the end.

    Oisins Fish fry on Friday night

    St Lawrence Gap

    Burts Bar if you want a taste of Ottawa.

  2. Remember…”no plane on Monday!” Great story!

  3. Still no hint about why the trip to Barbados? Or did I just miss it?

  4. No broasted chicken from Chefette in Barbados?
    Guys don’t know what you’re missing! :o)

  5. Glad you made all your connecting flights. We are anchored here in the USVI waiting on Solar panels and a watermaker. We got lost on the first day searching for the dinghy dock and instead found One Love. She is looking good.


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