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As will no doubt be reported on countless websites and blogs today, Tropical Storm Arlene, the first Atlantic storm of 2011, has made her appearance. Although not projected to reach hurricane strength, this storm is extra significant for us as it is the first one since our arrival in the Caribbean. Fortunately for us, it is far enough away that it should pose no threat to ZTC. Hopefully it does not cause too much damage to the areas of Mexico which do lie on it’s projected path.

This is the image I was greeted with when I booted up my computer this morning. This NOAA site is now my computer’s home page.

FYI, the complete list of names selected for 2011 Atlantic storms are is follows:

  • Arlene – June 29, 2011
  • Bret
  • Cindy
  • Don
  • Emily
  • Franklin
  • Gert
  • Harvey – Rebecca’s maiden name
  • Irene
  • Jose
  • Katia
  • Lee
  • Maria
  • Nate
  • Ophelia
  • Philippe
  • Rina
  • Sean
  • Tammy
  • Vince
  • Whitney

Let’s hope we don’t get anywhere near the end of that list!

Screen capture from Stormpulse.

On a much cheerier topic, who can’t help but smile at monkeys! We saw this guy and his friend just prior to starting our hike through the rain forest yesterday.

We switched gears from followers to leaders as we took our friends on s/v Snowbird along the same paths that Hunter and Devi took us on last week. And no, we didn’t get lost, although we did have to backtrack a bit to locate Martin who had decided to take a “shortcut.”

The trail was just a “bit” overgrown and muddy. Here is Rebecca crawling under some bamboo that is totally blocking the path to the waterfall.

We even had a guide for the trip. This dog, which we named “Scout,” followed us the entire way. He ended up a long way from where he started. We heard from some locals near the end of our hike that they have seen the dog before so I guess he’s done this a few times. He sure seemed to know the trail.


  1. Well here is to hoping that Arlene, and the rest of the named storms don’t find their way anywhere close to you and your travels. And I bet the monkey was probably thinking, who can’t but smile at Mke, Rebecca, and their friends! 🙂

    Love the updates – even if it reinforces the fact that Ohio is dull!

  2. Living in Louisiana with a fairly new sailboat … let’s just say we start getting a little nervous this time of year! Hope it’s quiet! Love the shot of the monkey … that lets ya know you’re in the real jungle!

  3. Hi guys . I think that seeing the crew of Pirate Jenny singing
    in the church at Waupoos is much more scary than the aproaching storm.
    I got some great pics of them and the DUCK

  4. How do I send you a pic ?

  5. Yup, her eon the Texas Coast we start getting nervous around May and don’t really relax until late November. Here’s hoping we all have a very boring storm season. Stay safe you crazy kids!

  6. You are so freaking brave tromping through that bamboo and undergrowth. All I would be thinking is – I wonder if there’s tarantulas under this… I wonder if there’s one there now… I wonder if one is about to jump on me… I wonder if there’s scorpions here… is that one on my leg now?????… maybe there’s snakes… did I just hear something slither?????…. and on until I would be so freaked out I would have an all out panic attack.

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