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I think the pic below is appropriate for two reasons. The first is that today is St. Patrick’s Day, the day that everyone should be thinking green thoughts. Secondly, it is also the day I was scheduled to write my Ham Radio Exam. I am sorry to say that I failed…

… in my quest to get 100% on the exam. I did pass though, with a high enough score to gain access to all of the HF bands, whatever that means. 🙂 Can we now have a ham radio book burning party?

Big thanks to Terry for taking the time out of his day and allowing me to write the exam in his home. I appreciate it!


  1. WOOHOO!

    But importantly, what call sign did you pick?

  2. COngratulations, Mike, and welcome to the world of ham radio! It’s as friendly as the world of live aboards. For one thing, there are a lot of the same people in both!

  3. Oh you really tricked me… I actually thought you had failed until I scrolled past the picture.

    Congratulations on passing!! I bet that feels good.

    (sorry to be so late to congratulate you but I am not getting the notices of new posts again)

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