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Although in my last post I wrote that I regretted saying that we would come to Washington, we are now definitely glad that we have. We have, of course, only just scratched the surface of this place but Washington rocks and we have met a ton of cool people at the Capital Yacht Club.

We are anchored just in front of the marina and for a grand total of 15 bucks per day, we have access to all their facilities including showers, super inexpensive laundry, Wi-Fi and a bar. Steve, the GM there, is a hoot and very accommodating. He even lent us his “vehicle” to make a run to West Marine. A word of warning for anyone following in our footsteps… his map-drawing skills leave a bit to be desired!

In addition to the trip to WM yesterday, we toured around a couple of the Smithsonian museums and later ended up at a birthday party on one of the boats here. Happy birthday Bill! Today, however, will be a work day. Our friend Bill Trayfors (a different Bill) will be here in an hour or two to install our Ham/SSB radio and if that goes quickly, we have some other not-fun chores to do.