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Another unique factor that we face when living in such a small space is how quickly it can go from perfectly tidy to a complete disaster area. Such is often the case when working on a project or two that requires digging into the various tool boxes. And such is the case NOW!

Yesterday, while Rebecca was out making us money, I was working on about 4 or 5 different things but didn’t have the tools or details to finish even one of them. Very unsatisfying. And because the jobs aren’t finished, the tools, etc. are still all over the boat. Hopefully we will be able to finish 1 or two of them today and get the place put back together.

The box above is one of three that came with the watermaker. It contains all of the filters, hoses and miscellaneous bits. I had all of the larger parts out yesterday trying to pin down a suitable mounting spot. I needed a bit of clarification regarding mounting the drive unit so I shot off an email to Katadyn. No reply (it was 4:00 on a Saturday) so unless they are working Sundays, I won’t likely be going too far on that project today.


  1. Sounds like my kitchen after last night. After you guys left I figured that since the smoker was still outside it would be a great time to smoke the 15 chicken breasts. The kitchen was tidy but is a bit of a disaster this morning.

    We had a great time last night. The company, food ,wine and conversation flowed with ease.

    See you around the dock. If you see Bob , say Hi!!!!!!

    Terry & Anneke

  2. I am still scratching myself from yesterdays post…..It is about time a man got it right and has the woman working…..I use poland springs as my water maker…..Good luck with the puzzle….

  3. been reading your blog for two days…not only am I tired from reading but from your story from day on to the midge bug attacks……as stated earlier I have thousand hours or more on the great lakes for over 40 years and a hatch can ruin the best of plans. Especially on a sail boat where you cant out run them. I need to take a break from reading, hope to talk soon…good luck today June 1st 2012 have fun and be safe…

  4. also,

    are you folks ever coming back to land to live?

    I just plan on buying a boat and doing what your doing for only a year or so. The great lakes will be home base. I am now looking at the St Lawrence or the Erie Canal…..lots to learn. Thx for publishing all your efforts….you should get this all in a book…I am a photographer, would me more than glad to help with any photoshop needs you may have, just send me full size to my email and with words stating what you would like done to the shot….take care.. Tony

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