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We all know how popular Reality TV is these days. Well, you can forget about the TV, and even forget about this blog (for a bit), because if you want to find out what cruising is really like, Rebecca and I are prepared to let you experience it first hand, on ZTC. Check out the details on our Reality Cruising Adventure page. An unforgetable weekend awaits you!


  1. That’s great! I assume that if I sign up for this wonderful adventure that it will also help train me to complete (very) basic maintenance on my own future yacht?

  2. Is that price per person or couple ? 🙂 sounds like a good deal to be abused I mean to get you prepared for your own boat 🙂 well done you have put a different view on how much work is involved as well.

  3. This may be symptom of drinking too much warm beer, but an apt description of the cruising life. It ain’t for sissies, eh?

  4. We were planning for 8 days in Akumal next week but after reading this I’m asking for a refund and will be forwarding you the check!

  5. Send me a $1000 and I’m there! :). I really enjoy your blog.

  6. I enjoy my beer cold, SPF 50 and foot massages……….

  7. This could be my dream come true. To finish something in my life uncompleted.
    When dropping in on the catamaran “Slapdash” in Licata, Sicily I was awarded the boat wine as soon as I boarded and soon thereafter I was sloshing and slipping on the decks while scrubbing away which then led to warm beers along with a break in the action. When Seth mentioned the scrubbing of the hulls I jumped up excited anticipating the fun and said, “Let’s do it, I’ll be happy to be a part of so much underwater fun, do you have an extra stiff putty knife and mask?” That’s when Jaime drew a line and said it was enough. I was sooo disappointed to miss out on the complete cruiser reality fun package that I just about forcibly packed them into my little rental car and whisked them away to my moms hometown mountain village overlooking the Med so I wouldn’t be so close to the boat and be so tempted to indulge in more reality cruising fun.
    Book me for the fifth weekend of this month. And please don’t do the treasure hunt, stainless polish or hull scrubbing until I get there. I’M SO EXCITED!

  8. You just HAD to tease us with this at the beginning of February… and it’s not a pretty white ski-and-snowshoe February up here, it’s a wet gray salty mess of a February. The kind of February that makes scrubbing the decks look idyllic, simply because it involves sun, a boat, and no rainproof parka.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the machine shop to make some boat parts…

  9. Boat or Airstream Trailer; you gotta take care of them!

  10. What a fantastic package to add to my company’s website! 🙂 We are always telling our clients that we specialize in the path not taken….
    Good giggle to start the day!

  11. Now where was that humour in your old Superkids days?

  12. Where do the days go??? . In Florida we find you need to watch your time on deck. Everything is affected by the sun. Or should I say everything gets ruined by the sun. Rebbeca do you have a stainless polish you like best. All I see is very expensive small tubes .I see you with a big bottle. Remember your suggestion will cause me to rush out and spend money .

    • Um, yes. I can’t remember the names right now but someone requested that we do a post on that topic so I will. Stand by.

      PS: It shouldn’t be a lot of money that you have to spend. 🙂

  13. Warm beer! Boat wine! Whatever happened to refrigeration and rum?

    Is this be the beginning of ZTC Adventure Charters, we’re seeing here?

    • We have refrigeration, and typically have a bottle or two of rum on board. Not sure we want to get our guest’s hopes up with respect to the former though as not all boats come with such luxuries! 🙂

  14. OK, now that was just mean, hilarious, great read, but mean. Should have waited till April 1st.

  15. Considering what I’ve shelled out for a Carnival cruise, I’d pay the same just to “hang out” with you guys for a week! Remember, if you come North in the Gulf, you’ll have a friend in Orange Beach, AL.

  16. Love it … really clever and funny!

  17. Sounds like the econoplan. Where is the link to the luxury package where you get to rebuild the head and change the shower drain filters?

  18. Too funny – reality in the making !! I guess there’s no way to get out of those dreaded chores is there ??

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