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While our guests are on shore exploring the beautiful BVI Baths, I had a bit of a chance to post this mid-charter pictorial. Our friends with children who have been considering a vacation like this should know that the week is going great. Even the youngest of our group, a 3 yr. old, is having a blast! Find it hard to believe? Check out the photos!

  • Note: We take our guests privacy seriously. All photos are posted with the permission of the guests.


  1. What a great vacation for this family


    Absolutely adorable!
    A trip and vacation that those adorable kids will never forget.

  3. Lucky kids. I can’t wait to share the same trip with mine.

  4. Wow these pictures look amazing! Definitely makes me want to do this 🙂

  5. Are you now officially Uncle Mike and Aunt Becky?

  6. Tethered life vests? Rules or swimmer tests?

  7. I bet that family now wants to sell everything and throw off the bow lines. Absolutely great experience to all. I’m withRebecca, it’s Jennifer all the way. I hate it when people think they can address me as Jenn.

    Lucky you our winter has sucked. I did get a respite to Cuba tho.

    Take care.

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