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When we see the smiles on the faces of our guests, we know that the hard work, before, during and after the charter, is all worthwhile. When those smiles are painted on the faces of young children, it’s doubly worth it.

Even though many charter crews, perhaps more sane than us, would have baulked at a charter with four kids under the age of eight, Rebecca and I were all about it. While we haven’t had a lot of experience with young children on our boat, we are no strangers to dealing with kids having both taught classes to 20-30 or more junior martial artists, some as young as three. I also think that I have a head for risk management and took a lot of steps to ensure that everyone on board our boat would be safe. All of that paid off with a wonderful week, and we had some great weather to boot.

Before our guests left we surprised them with a gift of a nautical map
that had all of our travels and stops charted on it.

We were happy that our guests chose to celebrate Kristy, the mom’s, birthday on board our boat. We were so inspired that we offered to babysit the kids while Mom and Dad went to shore for dinner on Cooper Island. Fortunately for us, the kids are well behaved and slept through most of their absence.

Earlier today we dropped our guests off at Trellis Bay where they will begin their multi-leg journey home to Europe. We wish them safe and uneventful travels. What will we be doing? Rebecca and I will be spending a few more days in the BVI to complete some service and upgrades on One Love. Following that, we’ll be back to the USVI to pick up our next set of guests. The fun continues!

We couldn’t let our guests miss visiting the famous Baths!

The kids were a hit at Happy Arrrr!

The girls taking advantage of the kayak, or perhaps just escaping from the boys for a bit.

Blowing bubbles. I could have swore that I heard Rebecca say “do NOT blow the bubbles in my face.”

Two reefs in the main. Slo is pro when you’ve got four little kids on board!

Key Lime Cheesecake… Yummy!

Taking the birthday girl for a spin.


The entire gang on the tramp enjoying a nice reach up the Sir Francis Drake Channel.

Sesame-ginger tuna steak, coconut rice and baked orange-scented asparagus.

After a beautiful downwind sail from Cooper Island,
we have stopped for a bit of a snorkel at The Indians.

Everyone should have the opportunity to try this!

Are you looking at me?

Exploring the caves at Norman Island.

Mom and daughter creating memories.

This is quality time!

Sweets for the sweet.

Shrek… helping parents pack since 2014.


  1. 1st season in operation and you two have already set the bar pretty darn high. You and Rebecca should be extremely proud.

    It was touching to see the posts/pics with this family. I really got a kick out of seeing one of the boys “driving” the boat. You could see in his eyes the excitement and happiness. Of course, the girl just had to assist in the Galley – Precious – and then, the shot of the 4 kids at the table while you’re strumming the guitar – notice the eyes of the one starring at the food/snack in the center of the table. “What is that?”

    Well Done, and thanks for sharing.

    • The kids were all great. I was quizzing the older ones about lights and col regs as the week went along. They retained quite a bit.

  2. I noticed that all 4 kids wore life jackets whenever onboard outside. Was that your requirement or parents?

  3. Quite delightful.

    Lovely little gift and lovely pictures.

    Well done!


  4. Very impressive Mike. That chart just blows me out of the water. If Diane and I weren’t already on our own boat, I might charter with you and Rebecca!!!!

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