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There are jobs that could be figuratively described as crappy, and then there are jobs that are literally crappy. In my mind, changing the holding tank discharge hoses definitely fits into both categories!

Although not a task that is ideally taken on less than 24 hours before a charter begins, when you’re as busy as we are, you need to take advantage of every opportunity you have, no matter how small it is. Fortunately, I think we have found the most dialed-in marine service guy in the BVI and he showed up last night at 5:00 PM to look after this job for us, and did so without a hitch! This guy shows up when he says he is going to, and does what he says he will do. Those two seemingly simple things set him at the top of the list, and make him a good contact to have!

  • Note: I cleared it with him to post his contact info. His name is Rayon and his number is (284) 340-5312.

Not Rayon in the photo. This is Mark. 🙂

At noon today we pick up our next set of guests, a family of six, and we’re very much looking forward to having them on board. This is our first charter with a BVI pick up and drop off (normally we pick up and drop off in St. Thomas). Rebecca has plenty of tasty meals planned for our guests and in fact, is baking some fresh bread for them right now. We also have a number of great destinations in mind to share which we think will be well received by our young “crew members.” As luck would have it, we just had a little rain squall which rinsed the boat off for us. Happy days… that’s one less thing that we need to do before picking them up! 🙂

As you have likely come to expect, posts on this blog will undoubtedly be a bit more sporadic during the next week. If you’re curious though, check in with us on our Facebook page to see what we’re up to.


  1. “shows up when he says he is going to, and does what he says he will do”…amazing how difficult that simple thing can be to find sometimes.

    Glad that the charter business is going so well for you guys and Michael. Have fun!


  2. I am sure he would love the “advertising” and others would love to hear who he is.

  3. To heck with the Olympics doing us proud. You two are the cruising Olympic GOLD of CANADA.

    just sayin.

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