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The Bahamas in the winter time are not always the tropical paradise that most people imagine. It is, after all, winter here too. All too often, strong weather fronts march through, turning calm bays into roller coasters. Just to make it more exciting, the front which came through here yesterday (early this morning actually) arrived in force at around 2:00 AM, bringing with it high winds (it topped out at 31.8 knots here) and plenty of lightning. We all knew this was coming though and smart cruisers positioned themselves in a place best suited for protection. The anchorage that we selected, solely by consulting our Explorer charts, did us well and our Rocna anchor held us secure, in spite of the clocking winds which sometimes opposed the strong currents of the bay. By the way, we learned that this bay is known to cruisers as “Oz,” as in the “Wizard of Oz.”

Because we knew that the cruisers in our anchorage wouldn’t want to stray too far from their boats last night, just in case any weather-related problems sprang up, we decided to host a bit of a sundowner party. Four couples joined us for drinks and snacks, 3 of whom were from Canada. The lone American couple we had actually crossed paths with once before back in Beaufort, NC. Fun stuff. After sharing drinks and snacks, we all retreated to our water-based homes to ride out the storm de jour.

The sound of the wind whistling through the rigging last night has given way to the rhythmic drone of our watermaker pumping away. Just prior to that, it was the static and voices on our SSB radio that filled the boat as we worked to obtain the weather forecast for the next few days. It sounds as if the winds will be laying down considerably tomorrow, only to build up again as yet another front visits the area. We have pretty much decided to make a run for Georgetown in this light-air window, knowing that we can always come back north again to visit some of the spots that we’ll be passing by.

A brisk dinghy ride to the Marina.

We made it, in spite of the rough waves.

The only place we could get internet was at the restaurant/bar.
We did get to enjoy a nice breakfast while updating the blog though.

As ZTC does not have an oven, Rebecca tried her hand at making bread without one.
It turned out great!

Some new friends from Ottawa on s/v Stormy Weather gave us this huge lobster.
We know now that we’ll need a bigger pot.

Sunsets aren’t all about nightcaps you know.

I told you I was craving Pork Chops! 😉


  1. By my estimate, the latitude of Georgetown is close to the Tropic of Cancer. This must call for some kind of mini celebration (leaving the maxi one for crossing the equator)

  2. Mike is that snow on the mountain tops

  3. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    BBQ Lobster / Crayfish is also good & that way you don’t need a bigger pot ? just split them down the middle from front to back & cook shell side down then take out the meat & cook with Tin Tomatoes until the tomatoes serve on a bed of rice ” yummy” It was served to me in Cuba 25 years ago that way & I still so want more.
    I have never seen pigs swim like in your picture “crazy” were there any there small enough for a “BBQ spit” LOL
    I here George town has some gre8t Music on the streets !!

    • We had also heard the BBQ Lobster is good. We’ll try that next time (when we catch one).

      As for the pigs, they were pretty big but I do hear that there is a bit of turnover (due to holiday feasts).

  4. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    From what i can work out you are headn for Georgetown past Pokers Point ? nr Michelson & from your “Spot” location you have a fare trip ahead so have a safe passage

  5. I thought you got a hair cut in “a brisk ride”, but i guess your hair was wet. When we first met you had handsomely pristine hair. Love your cruising pics and I’m very entertained by your current hair. I’m teasing of course.

  6. I’ve had really good luck with making pressure cooker bread. There’s a ton of recipes out there on the web and I’ve tried a few, all of which turned out great. I hear you can also make it on the B-B-QUE but I haven’t tried that yet.

    S/V Nomad

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