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Many of you have, by now, taken a look at the green flash photos that I shared 4 days ago. I noted on that post that the photos were taken with my Canon 30D DSLR. I purchased this camera a year or two prior to us setting off cruising, and I’ve been carrying it with us ever since. While the camera still works great, and I love the photos that I can take with it, I have recently started looking at the new generation of mirrorless cameras, primarily because of their reduced size and weight. I have to wonder if one of them might be better suited for our purposes, an adventure-ready camera with size and features somewhere between the Olympus Tough point-and-shoot that we carry with us almost everywhere, and the full-sized DSLR which we take off the boat only rarely.

These are two mirrorless cameras that have been recommended:

Your thoughts?


More eye candy:

The following pics were also taken with our trusty Canon DSLR, sometime during the last month or so. Note that they’re all sunset pics. That’s because, as I mentioned, I seldom take the camera off the boat.