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I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. I either set a goal when I decide that I want to do something, and work towards it, or I don’t. The date doesn’t really affect that, and it definitely happens more than once per year. I have to say though that when I scanned through our blog to see what I wrote on January 1 of this year, I found proof of what has to be my most successful New Year’s resolution ever: to stop coiling lines. Since that very day, I have followed through 100%, and I don’t think I can say that about any other such goal. Check out the linked post to see the video that inspired that change.

This new method is contrary to what I showed in my May 2011 post titled Our Daily Knots. The remainder of that blog entry remains valid though.

Only partially tongue-in-cheek, I posted on Facebook the other day that I had already set my New Year’s resolution for 2017: to replace drinking white wine with red wine. Even though I prefer white, the research seems to point to red being healthier for you (there are plenty of references to this — here is one), and I’m all about the health benefits. Cheers!


By the way, if your New Year’s resolution is to take some concrete steps towards learning the sailing skills that will help you in your new life as a cruiser, our friends at LTD Sailing can make that happen! By the way, Chris from LTD was a big opponent to coiling double-braid lines, and even though he showed me the preferred method, I ignored him until I saw the video linked in the Jan 1 post. Sorry Chris, my bad.


  1. Ha ha! Chris will be happy now.

    Thanks for the share!

    All the best for you & Rebecca in 2017!

    Oh and CHEERS!

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