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As I mentioned in my last post, Trinidadians enjoyed another holiday yesterday, and we got to enjoy it along with them. Tagging along with our friend Harry, we were welcomed aboard his friends’ boat to go DDI (Down Deh Islands — just one of the expressions that we learned yesterday). In this case, we headed to Chacachacare Island, about 6nm west of Chaguaramas. We’ve spent some time at Chacachacare Island before. It’s a great place to hang out, and has quite an interesting history. With dual 200HP engines on the boat we were on yesterday, we were able to get there a bit quicker than the other times that we’ve made the trip!

The backyard at our friends’ house. Stay with them or at the boat yard?
That’s not too tough of a decision.

Plenty of room for Rebecca to workout.

We passed by Frost on the hard. Not much going on in the boatyard yesterday.

Nice ride!

Harry and Rebecca trying to hide out in the shade.

Even the dog was enjoying the water!


  1. Nice Golden Retriever!

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