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Rebecca and I have always considered our boat(s) to be a vehicle for travel, a way to get from Point A to Point B, and have a place to live during the process. While we have by no means given up on travel by sea, I’ll admit to a certain fascination with the possibilities afforded by land-based travel in a small van.

A van is a bit like camping, but better!

Over the years we’ve had several friends transition from boating to traveling in a motor home. For several reasons, not the least of which is money, a large motor home doesn’t really appeal to either of us. A small van though, with travel much more like camping, has its charm.

Earlier today I stumbled across a blog that describes van living, albeit in a higher-end vehicle. If you suffer from chronic seasickness, and life on the water is not in your destiny, perhaps this would work for you?



  1. Nice! My gf and I are actually looking at this as a pre-sailing step. I would say don’t underestimate the importance of security. You may be much closer to people interested in your stuff, with no water barrier and just a single pane of glass to stop them.

    In cost/cubic foot, the Sprinter and the Promaster come out to the cheapest. They are also the rare ones that are 70″ wide at the walls. The Nissan vans are wide and tall , but they are quite short. The Mercedes Sprinter offers the longest of all, but the 170WB-extended model may have difficulty with parking and not literally sticking out like a sore thumb. (In our area, all legal parking spaces must be at least 8′ wide and 18′ long). The Super-High sprinter also makes it possible for adding a foot of storage in the floor (making 260cuft of total storage in one of my build-outs). Also, if you skip the queen mattress and just get an extra-long full (54″ wide, 80″ long) you could add quite a bit more storage/insulation on the sides of the bed. There are also roof boxes and rear door boxes to look at.

    Our initial test of van living will likely be with a simple Vanagon… a much smaller investment to test stealth camping in the densely populated area in which we live.

  2. Hi Guys,Have you considered Teardrop campers,they are another case study in minimalism,just another concept…!

  3. Its just incredible how those type 1 vans have gone up in price. You know that a good 13 window type 1….. of which I could have bought many for $500 each 15 years ago….now go for as much $$ as your Maramu.

  4. You have read Bumfuzzle from the beginning, yes?

  5. Hi Mike – I’m a full-time living and working in an RV (motorhome) person. I HOPE next year will be the year to retire early and transition to a boat (ALL fingers crossed). I’m sure it varies by personality type but I find living in an RV to be fantastic. Of course, mine is pretty big (not a van) so I have all the creature comforts. As with everything, it is a series of compromises and pros/cons. IMO, solar power and cell phone coverage has made this style of living/working very easy. I spent all my time boondocking (not at campgrounds/rv parks – similar to anchoring) and get all power from solar.

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