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Several people have already asked us where we came up with the idea to go cycling. While I’m clear about where and when we solidified the boat cruising idea, the impetus for cycling is a bit less obvious. When I think back on it though, I believe that watching the above video might have had something to do with it. It’s well done, and I hope you enjoy it as we did.


Walking our bikes DOWN this hill, again. Just as photos never do the justice to the size of waves on the ocean, so too do pics fail to properly display how steep hills are. 

By the way, we had intended to record our ride yesterday on these cool trails but when we set off, we found that our GoPro wasn’t charged. Oh well… next time!


  1. That is a great video. I remember driving back home for Christmas through New Jersey with my college girlfriend and telling her that when I graduate I want to live all year long, not just for 2 weeks on vacation. I’m heading into work now, but my weekend adventure is still firing the neurons in my brain like fireworks, and I feel so alive.

  2. I had similar goals as what this video depicted. I escaped the ordinary and got back to nature, my natural self. Lived in a tent for a year. Not too far from civilization but enough away to push my boundaries and challenge self. Cross country bicycle journey, living on the bike for 5 weeks, “camping” for a year and 100 plus mile paddling the Everglades. Is there more, sure. I do get where/how a decision was made. The hankering for what you want. Not driven by that funny four letter word that may be an obstacle, TIME. Once on the journey, time becomes nothing.

    Thanks for the link on the micro adventure challenge.

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